La Danse des Araignées CD

Etienne - French Rock Songs to Teach French

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La Danse des Araignées CD - Étienne offers original songs on this cd to reinforce grammatical & thematical structures through current music that students of all ages will enjoy!

Sans erREur: powerful rock song targeting comprehension of regular -RE verbs; including conjugation, spelling and use in sentences.

Mon, ma, mes: hip-hop song about possessive adjectives. Get the students demonstrating mon, ma, mes, ton, ta, tes and son, sa, ses. Les pronoms: an energetic rock song that targets the comprehension of pronouns. Demonstrate comprehension with hand gestures.

La danse des araignées: a reggae/dance song that targets the comprehension of parts of the body and directions (ex. le nord, l'ouest).

Avoir II: a club dance song about the verb 'Avoir' including conjugation, spelling, and the present tense and 'le pass? compos?.'

Les Mois: a catchy song designed to teach the students the months of the year and other key 'calendar' vocabulary.

Sur le pont d'Avignon: a rockin' twist to a classic song. This version includes a few new fresh lines.

Les sports: a funky tune designed to introduce students to different 'sports' vocabulary. Act out favourite sports while singing.

Vive le Canada: a song celebrating the strength and tradition of Canada. The song has useful vocabulary for a unit on 'Le Canada.'

Ô Canada: spruce up your morning announcements with this acoustic 'unplugged' version of the Canadian anthem. Dansez!: a special re-mix of the popular Étienne dance song.