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DVDs in German - German dvds to learn German as well as German films. Bring the learning of the German language TO LIFE for children and adults and enjoy our captivating German stories and movies. Our large selection of German DVDs cover dozens of movie genres from Disney to Independent Films – so sit back, zap some popcorn, and enter a whole new understanding of the German language! You can also find a German DVD for any age – from babies to adults. This is not your average video store – here you will also find new and innovative DVDs and films spoken by real people in real situations. With these genuine cultural encounters a viewer can gain a basic exposure or sharpen German skills from different German-speaking countries in an accurate and entertaining culture and context! We have both German DVDs for U.S. dvd players and even more imported from Germany that require a code-free DVD player. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask before placing an order. Check out our large and diverse inventory of German DVDs today.

Combine your German DVDs with other German learning tools and take the language on with full force with German Books, German Audio CDs and German Software.