DVDs - American Films - Formatted for Region 1 - the U.S. and Canada

The Spanish language is spoken by millions of people in North, Central and South America and French is spoken by millions of people in North America, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. Many who speak English also speak or are learning to speak Spanish or French. Hearing the Spanish or French language spoken as a separate track within a film demonstrating real life situations is one way in which you can increase your vocabulary and grasp the language better. Hearing how the language is spoken can help you to know the nuances of speaking Spanish or French correctly and become proficient and confident in your expression of the language. DVDs that have been translated into the Spanish or French language provide this opportunity.

Other resources you should consider for beginning to learn and gaining proficiency in the Spanish language include Spanish Books, Spanish Audio CDs and Spanish Software as well as Spanish dvds of films originally in Spanish and for the French language – French Books, French Audio CDs and French Software as well as French DVDs of films originally in the French language.

All of these American dvds dvds have a foreign language track, in addition to an English track - either French audio track, Spanish audio track, or both - we will specify since it varies. They are all region 1 dvds, for the U.S. and Canada.