About Us

Cindy Shapiro Tracy established World of Reading, Ltd. in October, 1989 when she could not find foreign language products for her own children. Her goal was to provide a resource for quality foreign language and ESL products for parents, teachers, librarians, companies, government agencies, etc.  Originally from North Carolina, she started studying French and Spanish at a young age. She speaks French and Spanish well and a little bit of German, Dutch, Hebrew and Russian.  Here is a video we uploaded to Youtube in 2011 to help you learn more about us!

She still tries out all the products sold by World of Reading and travels to schools and universities to do workshops on using readers in the classroom in any language, Curriculum in French, Spanish, Italian, ESOL and Chinese, software and using music for French and Spanish classes.

Studies have proven the benefits of learning another language at an early age. It is also important to learn about other cultures as well. We strive to promote international and multi-cultural education through the products we offer and because we are not employed by any one publisher, we are delighted to help our customers find the product(s) that best suit YOUR needs.