Étienne CD and manual

Etienne - French Rock Songs to Teach French

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Étienne CD and Teacher's Guide - Original songs reinforce grammatical & thematical structures through current music that students of all ages will enjoy. French educational music designed to motivate and reach students with current beat. ÉTIENNE is the self titled album with each song targeting one or more structures and played in a different style of 90's music.

ÉTIENNE is the self titled album with each song targeting one or more structures and played in a different style of music:
Être: a rock anthem song that includes conjugation, spelling, and sentences. Targets manipulation of adjectives used with 'être.'

Dansez!: a dance song that targets key 'body parts' vocabulary, getting students dancing and demonstrating body parts.

L'alphabet: a funky rap song that targets the introduction of the letters of the alphabet' providing words for examples.

Des questions: a hard core rap song that targets the six basic question words - Qui, Que, Pourquoi, Quand, Comment, Où.

Des mots descriptifs: a hard rock song that targets the comprehension and manipulation of adjectives.

À la ferme: a soft rap song that targets key 'farm animal' vocabulary and reinforces manipulation of -ER verbs.

Sautez!: a reggae song that targets -ER verbs introduces/reinforces the imperative form (Sautez! Sautons!).

Avoir: a familar tune that targets comprehension of the verb 'Avoir'; including conjugation, spelling and use in sentences.

Au Carnaval: a blues-type song that targets key Carnaval vocabulary and tells the story of what transpires during the Carnaval.

Let Étienne get you 'pedagogically correct' with this 'Common Curriculum' coded Manual! Specifically useful worksheets were created for this manual to be used in the classroom. Each song is covered including a thorough introduction supported by worksheets, wonderful hints, a play, game ideas etc. The Teacher's Manual (48 pages) comes with a clever and humorous skit called 'Des Questions.' This story, about a misunderstanding between a teacher and students while trying to review the key French question words, serves as an excellent reinforcement to the same-titled song.
The Verbal Challenge Game is sure to have your students begging to conjugate verbs.
The À la ferme music only version on this CD provides a great rap beat for students to create their own songs.
This manual is complete. Each song on the Étienne CD is supported by a variety of engaging worksheets. It comes on a cd-rom that the teacher can print whenever needed - but please don't share it with teachers who have not purchased it.
Each song begins with a thorough introduction including target structures, tips on introducing the songs to your students, using the follow-up worksheets and complete instructions on all suggested dance movements or song actions.