Étienne Teacher's Manual

Etienne - French Rock Songs to Teach French

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Étienne Teacher Manual - Teacher’s manual to accompany the Étienne CD with lesson plans and reproducible activities. If you have the CD, you will want this manual and then wonder how you used the CD without it! Let Étienne get you "pedagogically correct" with this "Common Curriculum" coded Manual! Specifically useful worksheets were created for this manual to be used in the classroom. Each song is covered including a thorough introduction supported by worksheets, wonderful hints, a play, game ideas etc. The Teacher's Manual (48 pages) comes on a reproducible cd (for use by the teacher - not to share for free with other teachers). It includes a clever and humorous skit called "Des Questions." This story, about a misunderstanding between a teacher and students while trying to review the key French question words, serves as an excellent reinforcement to the same-titled song.
The “Verbal Challenge Game" is sure to have your students begging to conjugate verbs.
The “À la ferme” music only version on this CD provides a great rap beat for students to create their own songs.
This manual is complete. Each song on the Étienne CD is supported by a variety of engaging worksheets.
Each song begins with a thorough introduction including target structures, tips on introducing the songs to your students, using the follow-up worksheets and complete instructions on all suggested dance movements or song actions.

No longer available as a printed book - now at a lower price - we will mail you a cd-rom to print out whenever needed!