French DVDs

Watch Educational Learning French DVDs and Learn French NOW! Combining Visual and auditory language learning is an excellent way to retain understanding and recall the necessary concepts and words to effectively speak any language. The French DVDs in our inventory of French learning aids will assist children to adults in an exciting and fun interactive environment of learning the French language. Young children will benefit from learning alongside common cartoon characters and other figures familiar to most kids such as Barney, Dora and Caillou. Older students to adults can enjoy authentic French (and Francophone) films - some French films come with optional English subtitles, some other learning French DVD titles or movies for learning French come with optional French closed captions. Other movies for learning French DVDs revolve around the surroundings of the country and culture of France and allow you to absorb and learn French while enjoying other aspects of life in France.

Take advantage of the opportunity to absorb the French language and culture with the French DVDs in our inventory and also remember to choose from among our categories of French Books, French Software and French Audio CDs to learn the basic, intermediate and advanced levels of the French language. Most of these French DVD titles can be played on a DVD player or computer in the U.S. and Canada. The few titles imported from Europe are marked as Region 2 and require a code-free dvd player.

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