A Tale of Springtime DVD

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A Tale of Springtime DVD - 1990 film directed by Oscar-nominated writer/director Eric Rohmer. He delivers this 'splendid, engaging, delightful revelation' (The Village View) that sparkles with humor and sizzles with romance. Simple conversations engender complicated human interactions. Jeanne is open and even-tempered, a philosophy teacher at a lycée. Her fiancé is away and she doesn't want to stay at his messy flat; she's loaned hers to a cousin, so she accepts the invitation of Natasha, a music student whom she meets at a party, to sleep in her father Igor's bedroom because he's always with his young girlfriend, Eve. Natasha tells Jeanne a story of a missing necklace and her suspicions of Eve. They all meet at dinner, then again at Igor's country house. Is Natasha scheming to get Igor and Jeanne together alone? Once alone, what determines how they chose to act? And the necklace, what of it? French audio with French, English and Spanish subtitles. 112 minutes, rated PG. No longer available on dvd - limited quantities left!