Chantons les Classiques

Etienne - French Rock Songs to Teach French


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Chantons les Classiques! French cultural cd - by Étienne and Roland Bibeau. Just in time for the holidays, this dynamic Canadian duo has done it again! 

This French cultural CD includes the following classic songs:

1. Au clair de la lune

2. Sur le pont d’Avignon

3. Chevaliers de la table ronde

4. Au royaume du bonhomme hiver

5. Vive la Canadienne!

6. Frère Jacques

7. Alouette

8. Ah ! Si mon moine voulait danser

9. Bonne fête!

10. Ô Canada

This fantastic French cultural CD « Chantons les classiques ! » includes all the lyrics to the songs, and fun activities that students (at any grade level) can do at home or in the classroom.