Grammar Jams CD and Teacher's Manual

English as a Second Language (ESL) Audio CDs


SKU: B0012K4SUU Educorock Productions

Grammar Jams CD and Teacher's Manual - Clever rap, hip-hop, club dance and rock ESL songs to promote English literacy - buy with the teacher's manual for lyrics, ideas, reproducible activities and much more for your ESL students.

In this energetic and engaging CD, enjoy the following songs:
1. Jump!
2. Around the Classroom
3. Dance
4. To Be
5. To Have (a tense situation)
6. One, Two. How are you?
7. Alphabet
8. Conjunction Blues
9. Negatives
10. What time is it?
11. The Vowel Song
12-22 Instrumental Tracks (Karaoke anyone?)

The Grammar Jams Instructional Guide includes a variety of worksheets that accompany each song - providing learners with practical opportunities to demonstrate their listening, reading and written comprehension skills. The addition of websites, games, activities, a skit and learning strategies make the reinforcement of the structures covered in these songs an enjoyable challenge and a must to accompany the CD!