Grammar Jams 2 CD and Teacher's Guide

English as a Second Language (ESL) Audio CDs


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Grammar Jams 2 CD and Teacher's Guide - A second ESL CD with engaging rap, hip-hop, club dance and rock songs to promote English literacy and grammar from the multiple award-winning artist Étienne. Help ESL students of all ages with spelling, speaking, reading and writing.

On this innovative and unique CD, enjoy the following songs:
1. Mispeled Words (covers the most commonly misspelled words)
2. Prefix-ation (the study, understanding and manipulation of prefixes)
3. Suffix-ation (the study, understanding and manipulation of suffixes)
4. Quesion Words (in depth look at the 6 basic question words)
5. Tongue Fixters (pronunciation-helping tongue twisters)
6. The Pronoun Song (subject, object, possessive pronouns)
7. Rhyming Song (interactive rhyming words and patterns song)
8. To Make Do (present and past teneses of the verbs to do and to make
9. All About Poetry (understanding poetry types, parts and tools
10. The Positive Song (a motivating anthem)
11-20 Intrumental tracks (Karaoke anyone?)

The Grammar Jams 2 Instructional Guide includes a variety of worksheets that accompany each song - providing learners with practical opportunities to demonstrate their listening, reading and written comprehension skills. The addition of websites, games, activities, a skit and learning strategies make the reinforcement of the structures covered in these songs an enjoyable challenge and a must to accompany the CD!