English in Action - All-Stars Bundle

English as a 2nd Language (ESL) Software


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English in Action - All-Stars Bundle - This creative and unique intermediate level software program allows you to learn English through interviews with famous people - Get Pop Stars, Film Stars, Businessmen and Politicians and Famous Writers for a discounted price! Ages 16 - Adult. This program focuses upon listening and comprehension skills while watching videotape interviews as seen on the British Satellite TV Station SKY NEWS. You can read what is being said on the screen, stop and analyze any phrase or new word, listen to the word or phrase over and over again, record and play back yourself repeating a word or phrase, write the phrase and be corrected by the computer and much more.

Famous Writers Study live interviews with Stephen King, Jackie Collins, Jeffrey Archer and Jung Chang.

Famous Politicians Improve your English with leading businessmen Bill Gates and Peter Sutherland and politicians Benazir Bhutto, Bill Clinton and Margaret Thatcher.
Pop Stars - Interviews with Joe Cocker, Genesis, Mark Knopfler and Roger Taylor from Queen!
Film Stars - Kim Basinger, Helena Bonham-Carter, Nicolas Cage, Ralph Fiennes and Tom Hanks.

English in Action requires: PC; 486+; Windows 95, 98, XP or NT; 16MB RAM; CD-ROM drive; Sound card; SVGA 256 color display.