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Easy Writer CD-ROM - Ages 16 - Adult. Great writing program developed by an ESL teacher. Improve your writing and have fun, too! The purpose of this writing software is to improve students' writing abilities through the use of error identification and correction of more than 80 essays written by ESL students. Students can write and save their own essays. During the process of identification and correction of errors, students improve and/or review their grammar skills by referral sections focusing attention on the specific areas of the task at hand. The software package is divided into four sections, taking students from simple exercises to advanced structure analysis and correction.
With essays such as "Leaving Honduras", "Money and Love", "My Hopes for China", and "What Is a Miracle?", learners will spend hours engaged and involved in writing and the writing process. This was developed by a teacher and is the perfect product for teachers, tutors, and those learning English in school and at home.

5 user lab pack - $386.00
10 user lab pack - $714.00

Lab license - $1260 (30 computers)

Building and school license - call for a quote

Easy Writer requires PC; Windows 98/ME/2000/XP; 256 color display; CD-ROM drive; Mouse.