A1 Verb Bingo

English Games


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Verb Bingo is based on the traditional game of bingo and allows students to memorize 66 basic English verbs in a quick, fun and pleasant way.


The game can be used to organize fun activities to practice memorization skills or as an educational tool for language revision and reinforcement. The verbs relate to a variety of lexical topics: daily actions, school, sport and free time.


The game includes 66 illustrated cards and 36 boards. Each card has a simple and clear picture of an action on one side and the corresponding verb on the reverse side. Each board has six illustrated actions on one side and the six corresponding verbs on the other side.


Dividing the game into multi-image boards and cards with a picture on one side and the verb on the other allows for an alternative use of the material, such as assigning the correct name to each picture. In this way the game becomes an excellent tool that can also be used during online classes and courses.