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New Amigos Spanish-English AND English-Spanish is a unique, educational and FUN game. Students learning Spanish can play with students learning English!!! New Amigos is an award winning language game used by schools, libraries and individuals to connect and make new friends.

It was awarded the European Language Label in 2016 and was nominated for Game of The Year in the Netherlands in 2006. Acquire language and culture skills in a fun and social way by playing and competing with friends or family at the level of your choice; Beginner, Intermediate or "Expert." There are 3 levels of difficulty, with 525 cards in 15 categories. All 3 levels can be played simultaneously. Play the English-Spanish version to learn English if you are a Spanish speaker, play to learn Spanish if you are an English speaker, or combine the two to learn each other´s language.

In the game you translate cards, answer culture quiz questions and role play in the foreign language. Even if you don´t speak a word of the foreign language you´ll soon start to master cards by paying attention to your own or other players´ mistakes. An unmastered card will stay in play until one of the players win it by translating it correctly. You learn the most frequently used words and expressions first. Then you advance to speak correctly in past, present and future tenses while building a vocabulary of 1,800 words, corresponding to level B1.

The game is suitable for children over 7 years of age, youth and adults and can be played by 2-4 people.

Released in 2017. New Amigos is published in 29 languages pairs - but this is the only language pair in stock.

New Amigos has been used for 10 years in school competitions in Germany and Russia, with 70 000 participating students. In 2016 schools from Switzerland and Austria joined as well. Let's start this competition in the U,S,!!!

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