Top 5 Terrific Tech-Based Tools

Top 5 Terrific Tech-Based Tools

Cindy Tracy

Top 5 Terrific Tech-Based Tools for the Foreign Language Classroom

Finding ways for students to learn meaningful spoken language in the classroom can be a challenge but technology-based tools for the foreign language classroom make it extremely easy for students to learn at their own pace. Incorporating new technologies in the foreign language classroom is an integral part of the learning process that enables learners to foster the 4c’s namely communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. Technology should therefore not make teachers insecure or threatened for fear of losing their jobs. The truth is that not even the most advanced technology can replace a teacher. In this article, we take a look at the top 5 tech-based tools for the foreign language classroom.

  1. Films for language fluency

One of the most simple and incredibly effective ways of learning a language is to immerse yourself in the culture. If you cannot move to the country, you could do worse than watching TV or film in your language of choice. Films can improve comprehension, teach you about another country’s culture and also provide an opportunity for hearing native speakers speak their language. Whether it’s French DVDs for learning French, or exploring Russian cinema for speaking better Russian, World of Reading has you covered.  

  1. Language Nut
This tool was created for teachers by former teachers and is designed to be utilized by either a group or an individual. It helps learners with the four basic language skills namely reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students engage in the target language in various ways such as stories, songs and games. The user-friendly interface allows students to pair certain words with their corresponding images through a tic-tac-toe game. This tool also enables teachers to track their students’ activity.  
  1. FluentU
This tech-based tool offers some of the most effective online videos for language learning. Students have an opportunity to interact with real-world videos like vlogs, music videos and movie trailers. Learners can get the most out of every video clip since they can get the meaning of words, their translation, pronunciation and much more. FluentU can be used for all kinds of classroom activities such as demonstrations, discussions and exercises.
  1. iTranslate Converse
This instant translator app allows learners to speak in one language say English and can be able to hear its translation in their preferred target language. The student simply speaks into their phone’s mic and the translated version of the audio input comes out within seconds. This app is specifically useful in a foreign language classroom because it is fun and it also increases the learners’ anticipation and engagement when they speak into the app.
  1. SMART Board
This is a whiteboard that incorporates touch detection technology that is similar to a big iPad allowing everyone in the class to see. It comes with several special features that the students can use to manipulate or interact with the technology. For instance, using its magic pen students can digitally write on the board and can also drag and move images and pair them with their proper texts. If you have a Smart Board, you will be able to use a variety of software in the classroom in order to engage your students. Luckily, companies such as World of Reading have a range of software to meet your needs and the needs of your learners as well as many textbooks with digital editions to maximize use of a whiteboard. -- Annabelle Fee is part of the community team at Next Day PC. Annabelle enjoys staying on top of the latest tech trends and sharing how new tech can positively impact people’s lives.

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