Free Resources for Remote Learning from EuroTalk

Free Resources for Remote Learning from EuroTalk

Cindy Tracy

While stuck at home, if you are a teacher or professor, your primary concern is probably how to continue teaching. First, one of our publishers in England, EuroTalk, has offered their app uTalk, free for at least 60 days to help your students.  It’s already helped thousands of students and doesn’t need any tech skills or IT dept involvement! Available in 140 languages – for anyone who has a phone, tablet or computer!

The app

  • Offers a choice of over 140 languages
  • Improves speaking and listening skills
  • Uses games-based learning with points scored for correct answers.
  • Features 60 topics per language eg social phrases, prepositions
  • Can be used on all mainstream smartphones, tablets or computers and syncs scores between devices
  • Allows users to work online or offline once it’s downloaded

Benefits for students:

  • Achievable goals
  • The ability to work independently at their own pace and in their own time
  • Practice at word, phrase and sentence level
  • Progressively challenging games
  • Memory-boosting strategies: every word is accompanied by a picture and intelligent software targets users’ weak points
  • Constant encouragement
  • A chance to record their pronunciation and compare it to native speakers’.
  • Suitable for English speakers and for students whose first language isn’t English. (Instruction available in 100+ languages!)

Benefits for teachers:

  • A choice of 140+ languages to learn
  • Authentic native speakers voicing every word
  • A way of monitoring each student’s progress
  • A teacher’s dashboard tracking time spent, topics covered and points scored.
  • A leaderboard, which is updated daily, showing pupils’ ranking. Teachers can choose to share highlights to boost motivation.

Normally a one-year subscription costs $5.00 per student, but we are offering the app FREE for 2 months – to get you through the virus crisis.
What do you need to do to start using the app?

Email Cindy Tracy from World of Reading
at and include:

  1. School name
  2. Email address used for the school – for example for World of Reading it would be – all students will need to use the same school email address ending.
  3. Which languages are taught at the school
  4. Total number of students who would use the app for all languages (no need to break down the number of students per language)
  5. Teacher name and email address as the contact who would get the url for the online dashboard to monitor student time and progress
Any questions? Just call Cindy Tracy – 800-729-3703

Recommended by Sra. Kat Manzella with the St. Pius X Catholic School in North Carolina.
“Incredible that we have uTalk right now, my students are pushing themselves to learn and absolutely love it! I know this is a WIN for them and us,” says Sra. Manzella.

World of Reading has worked with the uTalk language company for 25 years and stocks its EuroTalk and Instant Immersion language learning products.

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