Your First 100 Words in Arabic

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Your First 100 Words in Arabic - For the first time, Your First 100 Words in Arabic is available with an audio CD, making it an even more effective way to hit the ground running when learning the language. You can be confident that you are pronouncing words correctly thanks to this program's clear presentations, simple skill-building exercises, and games. Basic phrases are introduced that will let you use your new vocabulary in sentences and participate in mini-conversations.

Table of contents

Scriptbreaker (how the script works)
Chapter 1: Around the Home
Chapter 2: Clothes
Chapter 3: Around Town
Chapter 4: Countryside
Chapter 5: Opposites
Chapter 6: Animals
Chapter 7: Parts of the Body
Chapter 8: Useful Expressions
Round-up (review section)
Flashcards (8 sheets of tear-out topic flashcards)

Unravel the riddle of Arabic script

Finally overcome that major obstacle stopping you from learning Arabic -- comprehending its alphabet! Here in Your First 100 Words in Arabic you are introduced to its alphabet and basic vocabulary in easy-to-remember bites. Each word includes its pronunciation, English meaning, and an illustration, so you can visualize a word and remember what it means!

Get started on the path to Arabic proficiency and:
Learn 100 words in eight basic topics -- around the house, animals, around town, clothes, opposites, and more
Use Scriptbreaker Tips to help you crack the code as you read Arabic words
Speak Arabic confidently with help from the pronunciation guide and native speakers on audio CD
Sharpen your knowledge of Arabic words, meanings, and pronunciations through audio games and tear-out flashcards
Practice new expressions introduced on the audio CD

Take the first step to reading and speaking in a new language with Your First 100 Words in Arabic.

Paperback, 64 pages and audio cd.