Level 3 - Woyzeck

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Woyzeck by Georg Büchner. Didactic editing, exercises, dossiers: Gunna Schlusnus. Level 3 - B1. The drama of German literature, which inspired numerous artists to own works. Paperback, audio cd.

Exercises on reading comprehension, vocabulary and Grammar | Exercises for exam preparation

Certificate German - ZD
Topics: Society | Love | To suffer

Georg Büchner's drama Woyzeck is one of the most-played stage plays German literature. As a result of his early death in 1837 - Georg Büchner died at age 23 - the piece remained a fragment and first appeared in 1879 in a revised version. Woyzeck is the tragic story of a simple soldier, by his superiors exploited, humiliated his fellow man and his girlfriend Marie is cheated. The already suffering from hallucinations Woyzeck expires due to mental loads as well as one-sided diet increasingly madness. He hears voices that command him to kill Marie. He goes to one dealer and buys a knife ...