Wisdom in Stories - Jack Ma and His Alibaba Dream

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Wisdom in Stories - Jack Ma and His Alibaba Dream by Liu Xiaolin. Ma Yun and His Alibaba Dream recounts the story of Jack Ma,  founder of Alibaba Group who forges ahead with an enterprising spirit and great wisdom.

Wisdom in Stories: Graded Chinese Readers is a book series that features nuggets of Chinese wisdom. The series is designed for middle and senior grade students who study IB courses at international schools as well as other Chinese language learners. Each book is compiled based on the Level 1 vocabulary of the Rainbow Bridge series. The book consists of a story (Chinese-English version), new words and their English translations, example sentences to illustrate word usage as well as exercises designed according to the IB Syllabus for Chinese. Readers who have mastered 300 vocabulary words can read these stories. Each story is accompanied by illustrations, and contains about 2,500 words with the number of new words limited to approximately 60.

Paperback, 52 pages.