Who is Oscar Lake Italian

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Who is Oscar Lake Italian - Ages 9 - Adult. An interactive multimedia mystery. Play a major role in an exciting adventure as you practice Italian in context with live action videos. Participate in over 500 conversational exchanges with live-action characters - choose different responses to play different scenarios in realistic 3-D environments in Italy. Then get additional practice with the exercises in each location. Check your score and track your progress through hours of fun. See translations in your choice of Spanish, German, French or English.

Who is Oscar Lake? requires for PC: Pentium III 500+; 24X CD-ROM drive; 16 bit comp. Sound card; 128MB RAM; Windows (All); 1024x768 resolution, 16 bit color quality; 70MB free hard drive space; Quicktime 6+; Speakers; Mouse; Microphone (recommended). For Macintosh: OS X (v10.1+); G3 or G4 processor; Quicktime 6+; 1024x768 resolution, millions of colors; 70MB free hard drive space; 128MB RAM; 24X CD-ROM drive; Sound card; Microphone (recommended).