Where are you going? To see my friend!

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Where are you going? To see my friend! by Eric Carle and Kazuo Iwamura. A story of friendship in 2 languages. This lively and rhythmic, bilingual picture book is told in dialogue, with rebuslike symbols used to identify speakers. It details an energetic romp with a dog, cat, rooster, goat, rabbit, and a child, all of whom become friends. Carle's familiar collage technique is employed in the book's first half, while Iwamura's gentle watercolor illustrations, combined with the Japanese text (and a pronunciation guide), make up the second half. The two texts are divided by a gatefold that includes the music and lyrics to the song "Where Are You Going? To See My Friend!" in English and Japanese. An irresistible, spirited ode to friendship.
Hardback, 40 pages. OUT OF PRINT