Wellen, Wracks and Wassermünner (Waves, Wrecks and Water Sprites)

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Wellen, Wracks and Wassermünner (Waves, Wrecks and Water Sprites) - Ages 8 - 18. Nick and Charly are spending their summer vacation at the sea. This is a delightful bilingual program, where 2 children explore nautical science and its wonderful surroundings. Nautical science is delightfully explained in this bilingual interactive CD-ROM - play in either German or English. With their old rowing boat and a seachart, the two discover the exciting world of mermaids and hobgoblins. They play 'Battling Ships' with a water sprite, take a sailing class and compete in a regatta. Visit a lighthouse and learn about a telescope, sextant, compass and much more. In the funny Harbor Inn, hear tall tales of the sea. There are also many instructions for making things which can be printed out.

Wellen, Wracks und Wassermünner requires for PC: Windows 95 or 98; 486+; Sound card; CD-ROM drive; 8MB RAM; 256 color display; Mouse. Macintosh requires: System 7.1+; 8MB RAM; CD-ROM drive.