HSK 1-2 - Welcome to Beijing

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Welcome to Beijing by Wong Hocheng and Micol Blondi. HSK 1-2.

Beijing is a rapidly growing city where modernity and tradition meet and clash in a dynamic and intense union. Come and discover the most fascinating locations in this great metropolis and let yourself be amazed by the secrets it hides! Immerse yourself in the millennial Chinese culture by visiting the ancient alleys and the futuristic artery roads of the Capital city of the North.

In this reader you will find:

- Grammar structures and vocabulary in accordance with the HSK1-2 standards;

- Glossary with pronunciation and translation;

- Text without Pinyin to promote authentic reading;

- Comprehension and grammar revision activities;

- Splendid photographs capture the beauty and vitality of Beijing;

- Audio CD with the complete reading of the text.