Vietnam - Land of the Blue Dragon

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Vietnam - Land of the Blue Dragon - Ages 10 - Adult. Learn all about Vietnamese culture with this fascinating CD-ROM. Through its friendly user interface in your choice of English or French, this program gives you an intuitive way to navigate through a highly documented presentation of the diversity of Vietnamese culture. From a sampan in the Mekong Delta to a northern highland tribe of Black Thai, you are taken at the pace of rhythmic traditional music, poems and tales. There are over 450 photographs, interactive theme chapters focusing on culture, religion and geography. Interactive sections detail Vietnam's history and culture. An interactive map lets you view pictures by location. Enjoy in-context atmospheric soundtrack and special effects with traditional and modern music throughout the program.

Vietnam - Land of the Blue Dragon Hybrid CD-ROM requires 8MB RAM; 256 color display; 2X CD-ROM drive; Mouse. PC: 486SX/33+; Win 3.1, 95 or 98; Sound card. Macintosh requires: 68030/25+; System 7.1+.