Understanding your International Student

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Understanding your International Student - An Educational, Cultural, and Linguistic Guide by Jeffra Flaitz (ed.), Leslie Kosel Eckstein, Kimberly S. Kalaydjian, Ariadne Miranda, Deborah A. Mitchell, Amna Mohamed, Barbara Smith-Palinkas, Jerome York Jr., L. Elizabeth Zollner. This book surveys the school cultures of the many countries whose students top the international student enrollment lists in the U.S. A must for ESL instructors, guidance counselors, principals, etc - learn if homework is normally given in middle school in Mexico, typical class size in Korea, curriculum in Mexico, etc. It comprehensively addresses the educational, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds of international students studying in English-speaking countries. This book is an excellent resource designed to sensitize users to the myriad differences that exist among schools and students around the world, to pique interest in deeper cultural exploration, and to provide encouragement and support for effective cross-cultural problem-solving.

For each country profiled, the following information is provided: a statistical profile a deep culture summary a table providing information related to school calendars, curricula, exams, grades, homework, and classroom set-up section on educational policy, teaching style, learning style, instructional setting, after-school activities, discipline and class management, teacher-student and student-student relationships, non-verbal behavior, images, forms of address, dress, polite/impolite topics and behaviors, and gift-giving problem/solution scenarios that address challenges specific to the classroom and the student population described. Paperback, 310 pages.