Type and Learn Greek

Foreign Language Learning & ESL Software


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Type and Learn Greek - Ages 12 - Adult. An interactive software program to teach you the basics of Greek. This practical, step-by-step self-paced training course is a complete study guide for anyone who wants to learn and master Greek.


    • Allows you to learn languages step-by-step while typing.

    • Familiar-looking menu-bar and toolbar let you type in the language instantly.

    • Provides multiple input options, allowing you to type in any language quickly and easily.

    • Sizable soft keyboard works together with the hard keyboard.

    • Text-to-talk technology lets you learn to speak while typing.

    • Utilizes the Unicode Standard for world-wide, platform-independent compatibility for your documents.

    • Provides a Character Map function to view Unicode fonts and to input text.

    • Works with your favorite applications: you can easily cut and paste text into MS Office 2000 and MS Office 97.

The software has two major modes: Typing mode and Learning mode.

Typing mode:

In Typing mode, you can use the program as a Unicode text editor with powerful input features. You may use the soft keyboard to type or just to show you the layout of your physical keyboard.

Learning mode:

In Learning mode, you can practice typing while learning the language, and vice versa. You can listen to the pronunciation of words and syllables, and you can work through a series of exercises that test your knowledge.

Type and Learn Greek
requires PC; 386; CD-ROM drive.