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Well-designed translation software for business - Bi-directional English to and from German.  LogoMedia Translate offers about 197,000 general terms. includes the immediate translation of text placed into its window. You don't even have to click a button. Launch it from user-selectable hot keys, or let it automatically translate the contents of the clipboard.
Generate batch translations of files or folders, including HTML. Drag a file or directory icon onto the FileTrans window and the translation is automatic. You can even select which file types are to be translated, copied, or ignored. Translate is user-friendly, translates files from nearly all of today?s most popular software programs, effortlessly renders existing files, e-mails and websites (HTML and java). There are detailed tutorials translated to user's native language. Customization: Create special term dictionaries, Select speed vs. accuracy options, Ask for preferred translations for words with multiple meanings, Choose a range of general to technical translations, Choose a level of formality for salutations, verb tense, etc.
Translate even "learns your preferred settings so they can be re-used without having to adjust the menu options each time.

Translate requires: PC; Windows 2000 operating system preferred; also supports Windows ME, 98, NT4.0 (SP4 or later) and XP. Minimum of 64MB of total system RAM, 70MB to 657MB of disk space, depending upon number of language pairs installed.