Ultimate Illustrated Chinese Grammar Guide, The

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The Ultimate Illustrated Chinese Grammar Guide - Basic Level collects and includes all basic grammar points in a systematic way of learning. The content is presented with illustrations and includes abundant drills and exercises, making it an excellent reference guide for entry and basic level students and their teachers!

 Grammar points are presented with fun illustrations and come with drills and exercises, so students can learn to use sentence patterns to express themselves with precision.  The dynamic and engaging design makes studying Chinese more interesting and increases student motivation.

 Grammar points are integrated into topics that deal with daily life. Learners that practice the sentences patterns frequently will find it easy to apply them to their daily lives.

 Grammar points are arranged according to level and difficulty. Sentence patterns are introduced gradually, making learning more enjoyable and less stressful.

 Grammar points with the same structure but different functions and usages are listed, so learners can compare and contrast them. 

 The exercises and content are designed to give Chinese language learners a better overall understanding of Chinese grammar and to help prepare for different Chinese proficiency tests, including the TOCFL.

 The principles used in this book correspond to the language learning ability index-ACTFL and CEFR.

 All grammar points and vocabulary correspond to the TOCFL Band A (Level 1 and Level 2).

 Three TOCFL Band A mock tests are included at the end of the book, so learners can further evaluate their performance. The Ultimate Illustrated Chinese Grammar Guide is highly recommended by Steering Committee for the Test Of Proficiency-Huayu, SC-TOP

Paperback, 208 pages.