Third Eye, The

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The Third Eye by Yuehua Liu and Chengzhi Chu with Shaoling Zhao. In just two months, five passengers lost their wallets while on an airplane. Who is the thief? Is it the same person or different ones? The police are very anxious and have many different theories. One day, a policeman took the list of names with these five people, and put it together to check it again and again carefully. Suddenly, his eyes are startled by the middle of one piece of paper. A few days later, the police follow a man flying to Beijing. The cop sat there nonchalantly with his "third eye" watching and waiting for the fish to bite.

Paperback book, 78 pages with activities and an audio cd.

Level 3 of the Chinese Breeze graded reader series. Chinese Breeze is a large and innovative Chinese graded reader series that will offer over 60 titles of enjoyable stories at eight language levels. Each title comes with an audio CD containing recordings of the text. In simplified characters, with pinyin and English in vocabulary lists. If you would like us to carry more titles in this level, please let us know!