The Stories Behind 101 Chinese Idioms

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The Stories Behind 101 Chinese Idioms by Binyong Yin. Now you can learn the stories behind the most popular Chinese idioms, such as, "One word worth a thousand pieces of gold," and, "When a Man Attains the Dao, Even His Pets Go To Heaven." Each idiom is presented in Chinese, Pinyin, and English, with an illustration, and is followed by the story of its origin in Chinese and English. Some obscure expressions are clarified with the help of annotations in both Chinese and English.

This series consists of four books that select 101 Chinese idioms, proverbs, two-part allegorical sayings and allusions respectively and are accompanied by English explanations, notes for difficult words as well as lively illustrations to assist readers in their language expression and understanding of Chinese culture. Mainly targeted at non-native learners with basic Chinese skills, this series is a useful tool that aims to help them become “China masters” soon. In addition to this, they provide standard Putonghua MP3s, which can be downloaded from Sinolingua’s official website.

Paperback, 272 pages.