Gleaners and I, The - Les glaneurs et la glaneuse DVD

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The Gleaners and I AND The Gleaners and I Two Years Later - Les glaneurs et la glaneuse ET Les glaneurs et la glaneuse deux ans plus tard DVD - 2002 French film directed by Agnès Varda. Agnes Varda returns to the people she met in her 2000 documentary on gleaning and meets some new people who were inspired by her first film. Beginning with the famous Jean-François Millet painting of women gathering wheat left over from a harvest, she focuses her ever-seeking eye on gleaners: those who scour already-reaped fields for the odd potato or turnip. Her investigation leads us from forgotten corners of the French countryside to off-hours at the green markets of Paris, following those who insist on finding a use for that which society has cast off, whether out of necessity or activism. Varda's own ruminations on her life as a filmmaker (a gleaner of sorts) give her a connection to her subjects that creates a touching human portrait. 82 minutes, The Gleaners and I abd 60 minutes - Two Years Later. Both in French with optional English subtitles.