Devil's Miner, The - Activity Guide

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The Devil's Miner Activity Guide by Dean J. Fusto. Activities and worksheets for The Devil's Miner. Activities include a chronological Q & A, El Tío Art Gallery activity, Bolivian Symbols and Landmarks, journaling activities and several more.

About the film: Basilio Vargas is a veteran mine worker. He's been employed by La Cumbre silver mine for four years. It's one of hundreds in Bolivia's Cerro Rico, known locally as "the mountain that eats men." Basilio is 14 and is often joined at work by 12-year-old brother Bernardino. It isn't unusual for the boy to work 12-hour shifts or even double shifts of 24 hours. JUST 1 LEFT!

Reproducible, 8½" x 11", 57 pgs.