The Arabic Tutor v. 2.1x

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The Arabic Tutor v. 2.1x - Ages 12 - Adult. Complete 25 Lesson program for learning to read and write in Arabic. The Arabic tutor was designed with absolute beginners in mind. There are 25 lessons plus a summary: The first 10 lessons introduce the alphabet, the rest walks the user through reading words and simple phrases, basic grammar and sample text lessons - all with full point and click sound features. There is a gradual and logical introduction to the alphabet with sound, visual guides of how the letters are traced, their position relative to the line, how they join to those before or after them, etc. You can record and play back your voice. There is an analysis of how to read words by breaking them into syllables. You are introduced to basic grammar and sentence formation with examples. Commonly used vocabulary and its pronunciation are given in context. Samples from real text of various backgrounds including basic conversation, short letters, news bulletins, 3 suras (Qur'an) and one Hadith and some sound clips. There is a summary of the entire alphabet with a listening quiz, 2 game-like quizzes on joining and unjoining letters, pronunciation of the 'extra goodies' section of the user guide. It includes a user guide/companion book and a workbook. The user guide has the printed text for the sample lessons and a mini Arabic-English dictionary. The workbook is for practice and works side by side with the program and the user guide. It has model writing of letters and words as they occur in the lessons with arrows on how to trace them and space for user practice.

The Arabic Tutor requires: PC; Windows (all); VGA display; CD-ROM drive; Sound Card; Mouse.