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Talk Now Tibetan - Ages 9 - Adult. Delightful interactive program to teach beginning vocabulary in the topics of: First Words, Food, Colors, Countries, Body, Numbers, Time, Phrases and Shopping. You learn the vocabulary, practice your pronunciation compared to the native speakers, choose between the easy game or hard game to test your knowledge and even print out a picture dictionary. Each user's progress and points are saved. Available in over 100 languages. Now includes a cd-rom and a download code.


Network Licenses:
The teachers can access the program from any workstation or the central server. Any number of teachers can be active at once to add, remove, monitor students or print reports. Data export facility allows records to be exported into Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and many other spreadsheets and databases. Monitor facility allows teachers to watch what students are doing and listen to them as they talk. The 'Talk Now Quiz' allows classes to compete in real time, with a central scoreboard suitable for large scale display or projection.


NUMBER OF TITLES (cost per title)


1 title


2 titles

up to 5 titles

up to 10 titles

up to 20 titles

up to 100 titles

up to 5 users







up to 10 users







up to 20 users







up to 100 users







For more than 100 users or 100 titles, please e-mail or call for pricing.
"Titles" refers to any language title of Vocabulary Builder, Talk Now, Talk More, World Talk, Talk the Talk, Talk Business.

Talk Now! Hybrid CD-ROM requires for PC: Windows Vista (SP2) or Windows 7 and above; CD-ROM drive; 1024x600 pixels; Sound card; Microphone (Recommended).
Macintosh requires: OSX 10.6+; CD-ROM drive; Microphone (Recommended).