Tales and Traditions volume 2 - 2nd edition

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Tales and Traditions volume 2 - Readings in Chinese Literature Series by Yun Xiao, Ying Wang, Hui Xiao, Wenjie Liu. 2nd edition.

Foreign language acquisition research shows that reading large quantities of level-appropriate material is essential to attaining fluency in a foreign language. Tales and Traditions was specially created to meet the need for interesting and informative pleasure reading materials for Chinese language learners. The series presents stories and anecdotes from the Chinese literary canon that are essential for cultural fluency: sayings of classical philosophers, folk tales, legends, excerpts from great works of literature, and more. 

Volume 2 is designed for students with intermediate-low levels of proficiency in Chinese. Its four units, organized by theme, include ten literary adaptations and fables, four legends behind traditional festivals, five fantasies, and five classical love romances. Each text in the series has an interesting plotline, a vocabulary list, and post-text questions. The texts within each unit increase in difficulty, but can still be comfortably read in any order.

Each text in the series can be used for independent reading or for instructor-facilitated classroom reading. Using the stimulating discussion questions that follow each text, teachers can engage students in comprehension checks, cross-cultural comparisons, real-life reflections, and extended research. With a focus on reading comprehension and cultural knowledge, Tales and Traditions is an excellent companion for students who are preparing for the AP®* Chinese Language and Culture Exam or other standardized tests.

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Tales and Traditions is a four-volume series of supplementary reading material that corresponds to four different levels of Chinese proficiency from advanced beginning through superior.

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