Tajik-English and English-Tajik Concise Dictionary

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Tajik-English and English-Tajik Practical Dictionary - Tajik is the official language of Tajikistan, a former Soviet republic in Central Asia. A form of Persian, Tajik is unique in its use of the Cyrillic alphabet. This bilingual dictionary is a useful tool for Tajik or English speakers. All Tajik entries appear in both the Cyrillic alphabet and romanized transliteration, providing users with the correct pronunciation of Tajik words. All English entries include phonetics for the Tajik speaker to pronounce the English words correctly.

    • More than 14,000 entries

    • The large scope of this dictionary makes it perfect for anyone traveling to Tajikistan

  • Unique phonetic system makes the book equally useful for both the English and Tajik speaker

Published in 2/2009 and 326 pages.