Spanish Legal Conversation


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When it comes to legal matters, lawyers and their Spanish-speaking clients fully understand that proper communication is crucial when working on a particular case. This 3-panel (6-page) guide can help by providing a thorough, up-to-date listing of the most important phrases and key words—as well as Spanish translations—within the legal field. Our guide, as always, is formatted for ease of use so that finding certain terms is a breeze! Includes a glossary of key legal terms, divided into concepts and actions for easy reference.

Topics include:
• Key Words & Phrases/Palabras y Frases Clave
• Basic Information/Información Básica
• Time & Rates/Tiempo y Costos
• Civil Law/Derecho Civil
• Criminal Law/Derecho Penal
• In the Courtroom/En la Sala del Tribunal
• Healthcare/Atención Médica
• Employment Law/Ley de Empleo
• Immigration/Inmigración
• Traffic Violations, Accidents & Liability/Violaciones a Las Normas de Tránsito, Accidentes y Responsabilidad Civil
• Divorce & Child Custody/Divorcio y Custodia de Menores
• Property & Landlord Issues/Propiedades y Alquiler
• And more!