Spanish Interactive Language Workshop

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Spanish Interactive Language Workshop - Ages 12 - Adult. This Spanish software program features: 5 theme-based modules, motivating, engaging activities which are truly interactive - checks spelling, accents, word order and usage. There are full color graphics and an online glossary with native pronunciation. The Workshop teaches body and face parts, physical description, clothing, the house and furnishings, family, biographical information, numbers and telling time, and prepositions of location. Each module of the Workshop teaches a core vocabulary with pictures, sound, and the written word, and culminates in an activity in which the learner uses the new language to accomplish a communication based task. This 'use it to learn it' approach is what makes the program effective and fun to use.

Interactive Language Workshop Hybrid CD-ROM requires for PC: Windows 98+, CD-ROM drive; 10MB RAM. Macintosh requires: Power PC with OS 7.1+; CD-ROM drive; 10MB RAM.