Spanish Grammar Swings CD and Booklet

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Spanish Grammar Swings CD and Booklet - A collection of fifteen spirited original songs that breathe life, comprehension and fun into basic grammatical and structural objectives that are first studied during Spanish I, and again reviewed during Spanish II. The wide variety of musical styles range from bolero to Broadway, blues to bluegrass, swing to calypso, and the 50's to the polka. There are Songs, Games and Activities, Templates and Flashcards.

The songs are:
La mochila (definite & indefinite articles), ¿De dónde eres? (Introductions), Yo soy muy tí­mido y por eso no estoy contigo (ser/estar), No soy nada especial (adjectives, double negatives), ¡Un fuerte aplauso para el verbo "andar"! (Body Parts), Tienes que trabajar (tener que, acabar de), A Luis le gusta (me/te/le gusta(n), Preguntas y respuestas (question words), Estoy andando, estoy buscando (progressive tense), La vida es así­ (reflexive verbs, informal commands), ¡Abre tu libro! ¡Abrelo! ¡Abrelo!(commands & direct object pronouns), Voy, vas, va, vamos, van (stem-changing & irregular verbs), Tú me regalaste un pastel ayer (preterite, indirect obj. pronouns), En el pueblo (prepositional phrases), La Palapa (past vs. imperfect). The Appendix offers: Vocabulary Guide to "e" Page Illustrations, Forfeit Page, Guitar Chords and Transpositions, Bibliography.