Sonrisas Spanish School Curriculum Level 1


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Sonrisas Spanish School: An Early Childhood Spanish Language Curriculum Level 1 is a revision of the previous preschool and elementary curriculum.

Sonrisas Spanish curriculum for kids offers a complete program for teaching Spanish to students pre-K through first grade and includes the text and a music CD. This Spanish school curriculum is PERFECT for elementary schools and homeschoolers. This program includes an entire year of structured lessons with a complete explanation of how to use the curriculum, a combination of stories, art, dance, and music that appeals to the multiple intelligences, a musical CD, with accompanying lyrics, that supports each lesson in the book, detailed, easy-to-follow Lesson Plans and Art Projects that save you valuable time planning, useful assessment tools including Home Reports and an authentic assessment form, a proven methodology that combines pedagogical approaches such as The Natural Approach, Total Physical Response, and Waldorf techniques, coverage of standards from the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). By appealing to each student's strengths through song, dance, reading, and art projects, Sonrisas Spanish School helps you create an environment in which language acquisition begins to thrive. Each lesson includes a Lesson Plan page, Art Project page, and a Home Report. There are 33 lessons, assessment, templates and an art supply list.

Sonrisas Level I includes:

    • two years worth of 35 lessons for novice-level preschool and elementary Spanish including 60 art projects and a complete guide to methodology and implementation

    • an articulated scope and sequence

    • detailed, easy-to-follow lesson plans and art projects with procedure directions that tell you exactly what to do and save you valuable time planning

    • detailed assessment rubrics

    • home reports for parents to support their childÂ’s learning at home

    • reproducibles for the art projects

    • a combination of activities, stories, art, movement, music, and drama that engages studentsÂ’ imaginations and multiple intelligences

    • two musical CDs, with accompanying lyrics, that support each lesson in the book

    • a proven methodology that is research and standards-based and combines pedagogical approaches such as the Natural Approach, Total Physical Response (TPR), Waldorf methods, Authentic Literature, and the Multiple Intelligences.

    • Storybooks are not included in the curriculum. You can find them sold separately - outside reading to read to the children or simple enough for beginning readers to read - those still in print are listed under the category 'Spanish Beginning Readers - Thematic Readers'.

NEW - Student Portfolio with 35 portfolio activities that correspond to the lessons in Level I. The portfolio also includes formative and summative assessments and home reports. It is fully reproducible and comes in both a hard copy and a digital version (on the resource CD).

· Resource CD with 105 visual aids and reproducibles for the lessons.

· Sonrisas CD and Canciones Culturales CD with a total of 47 songs for use in the lessons

Here's how it works:

    • Students do Circle Time, Story Time, Art Time, and Portfolio Activities. Language concepts are introduced in Circle Time—all in Spanish—through songs, games, and lesson activities.

    • In Story Time the teacher reads an authentic children's Spanish storybook—engaging students' imagination and reinforcing language concepts.

    • In Art Time students complete an art project which gives them a hands-on, practical application of language concepts. During Art Time the teacher engages students one-on-one and converses with them in Spanish about what they're working on—further reinforcing language concepts.

  • Students then practice language concepts and independent reading and writing with the portfolio activities.