Sonrisas Spanish Cultural Curriculum


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Sonrisas Spanish School: An Elementary Spanish Cultural Curriculum is a series of cultural lessons in which students take imaginary trips to actual Spanish-speaking countries — learning and practicing their Spanish while they explore each country's culture and geography and celebrate various holidays and customs. 

The Sonrisas Spanish School Cultural Curriculum includes:

    • nine standards-based lessons with a complete explanation of how to implement them
    • a combination of stories, art, dance, and Spanish music that appeals to the multiple intelligences
    • TWO Spanish music CDs, with accompanying lyrics, that support each lesson and contain many traditional Spanish folk songs and games
    • detailed, easy-to-follow Lesson Plans and Art Projects that save you valuable time planning
    • useful assessment tools including Home Reports and authentic assessment forms
    • a proven methodology that combines pedagogical approaches such as The Natural Approach, Total Physical Response, and Waldorf techniques and that also support the national foreign language standards.
  • Easy-to-reference correlations to the Standards for Foreign Language Learning.

Each lesson in the Sonrisas Spanish School: An Elementary Cultural Curriculum contains a Lesson
Overview page, a Lesson Procedure page, one or two Art Project Procedure pages, and a Home Report
page. Together with the necessary Appendices, these pages provide everything a teacher needs to
teach an effective lesson. We recommend reading over the entire lesson ahead of time to familiarize
yourself with all of the suggested activities. Depending on the program and the time available for each
lesson, you may choose activities that suit your particular group of students.

Each lesson is divided into three main sections: Circle Time, Story Time, and Art Time. These three
parts in conjunction with the Greeting and Good-bye provide the structure for every lesson in this