Sinolingua Reading Tree - Starter Level Set

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Sinolingua Reading Tree Starter Level Set - Get all 20 titles in the Starter Level. The starter level is intended for kindergarten aged children and focuses on games, object identification and habit development without the requirement of vocabulary study, aiming at heightening children’s interest in learning.

The titles are: 1) Look for a Friend, 2) Hair, Shoulders, Knees and Feet, 3) Whale, Shark and Fish, 4) Cat and Mouse, 5) Apple Pie, Pineapple Pie, 6) Reading, 7) Drawing, 8) Wash your hands, 9) I Say, You do, 10) Grab a chair, 11) Throw Sand Packs, 12) Hopscotch, 13) Nose, Ears, Eyes and Mouth, 14) Cutting Watermelon, 15) Scissors, Rock and Cloth, 16) Play Hide and Seek, 17) Sorry and it's all right, 18) Calling the Soldier, Calling the Commander, 19) Where are my friends?, 20) In the garden.