SingALingo Spanish CD - En Mi Casa

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SingALingo Spanish CD - En Mi Casa. SingALingo’s award-winning, multi-sensory language learning products can help you introduce a new language in an interactive, playful and intuitive way that is proven to stay in your child’s memory for a long time!

Based on the scientifically proven principle that kids learn best when multiple sense are engaged, our songs go beyond naming nouns and colors and numbers. We teach useful language in context—so kids can learn Spanish, Chinese or English phrases about typical activities they do in their daily routines.

Kids just love to sing, move and learn when it’s presented in a fun, energetic, playful way to our infectious, play-it-again music!

With original upbeat music that your kids will want to hear over again, the initial music CD’s contain 17 songs that narrate the activities of daily life for fast and easy language learning. Also available in Chinese and English each song is sung in the native language and has translated lyrics printed inside the CD jacket for caregivers to engage in the learning experience. Reviewers rave about the music and parenting organizations and publications have recognized SingALingo with multiple prestigious awards!

Lyrics and English translations are included. The songs are:

1. En La Manana / In The Morning

2. Hola, Amigos / Hello, Friends

3. Senor Sol / Mr. Sun

4. Marcha / March

5. Ponte a Bailar / Start Dancing

6. 1, 2, 3

7. Tienes Hambre / Are You Hungry

8. Lava las Manos / Wash Your Hands

9. Abre el Refrigerador / Open the Refrigerator

10. Pon la Mesa / Set the Table

11. Dos Manos / Two Hands

12. Escondete / Go Hide

13. Donde Estas / Where Are You

14. Burbujas / Bubbles

15. Mono Chico / Little Monkey

16. Arana Pequena / Itsy, Bitsy Spider

17. Buenas Noches / Good Night