Ser & Estar Super Q-Cards


SKU: 9780982170700 Madame Fifi

Ser & Estar Super Q-Cards - Sue Fenton has done it again - produced another indispensable book for Spanish teachers. This one has 320 fun question flash cards for quick paired speaking practice. With the substitutions, there are 2,400 possible questions. Most of the cards are illustrated. The cards help students learn the differences between SER and ESTAR. The cards can be used for homework and for proficiency speaking practice all year long.

There are two handy scripts for all the SER and ESTAR questions and substitutions. There are optional 'flip side' pages with vocabulary and meanings to copy on the back of the cards. The book contains explicit instructions and covers many different topics ranging from shapes, sizes, time, numbers, calendar, social, possession, physical condition, location, mood, temporary food, and much more. Some cutting is required.

Spiralbound, 121 pages.