Russellせんせい の たんぺんしゅう 1 or ラッセル先生 の たんぺんしゅう 1: Mr. Russell's Short Stories 1 (Japanese Edition)


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Russellせんせい の たんぺんしゅう 1 or ラッセル先生 の たんぺんしゅう 1

: Mr. Russell's Short Stories 1 (Japanese Edition) by Matthew Russell and illustrated by Ray Nufer.

This collection of short stories is designed around the concept of learning languages through reading and communication, rather than through inneffective rote memorization of artificial and complex grammar rules.  By acquiring Japanese through stories, learners develop a deeper understanding of the nuances of the language as they can see everything in context.  This is the first of this series, and is designed for absolute beginners.   

  • Each of the 5 chapters consists of 3 shorter readings and 1 longer reading
  • Hiragana only - English used in place of Katakana or Kanji/Katakana version 
  • Approx. 53 unique words* introduced gradually throughout
  • Introduces 39 of the 75 unique words* used in the novel "Lisa と にほん の がっこう"
  • On average, each unique word used 60 times.**

*"Unique word count" does not include particles, multiple conjugations of same word, or Katakana words taken from English.

Paperback, 58 pages.