Ruslan 2 Supplementary Reader

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SKU: 9781899785902 Ruslan

Ruslan 2 Supplementary Reader. There are texts, translations, poems and a song. It is full color with an audio CD. This reader is for learners using Ruslan Russian 2 or any other Russian course at intermediate level (Council of Europe A2). For each of the 10 lessons there is a reading text with vocabulary and exercises. There are information texts in Russian, translation exercises, poems, activities, a song, and a Russian to English vocabulary. The reader follows the story of Lyudmila's ex-husband Igor travelling in Samara and Tomsk. There are information sections on Samara, Homophobia in Russia, the Post Office, the VAZ car factory, mobile phones in Russia, the Russian dacha, Russian traffic police, and much more. The book will supplement the popular Ruslan 2 Russian course with additional language practice and vocabulary and will provide a useful link between Ruslan 2 and Ruslan 3. The accompanying audio CD contains recordings of the texts, poems and song.

Paperback, 48 pages and audio cd.