Respiro DVD


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Respiro DVD - 2002 film directed by Emanuele Crialese. On an impoverished Italian island, a free-spirited woman is accused of madness by townspeople fed up with her antics. Winner of the Critics Week Award at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival. Grazia (Golino) is a mother of three who spends suffocating days packing fish while her husband Pietro (Amato) is at sea. Her oft-erratic behavior leads Pietro into thinking she may need medical attention, and he prepares to send her off to a psychiatric institute in Milan. Their son Pasquale (Casisa), the one person who understand his mother the most, vows to do whatever it takes to foil his father's plan. Stars Valeria Golino, Vincenzo Amato and Vernica D'Agostino. Rated PG-13 for nudity and thematic elements. 90 minutes.