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ESL Verbs Guide - This laminated and 3-hole punched guide is a great reference for English verbs for the non-native speaker. This colorful, dynamic and easy to use layout of ESL Verbs will help any ESL student as a learning or reference tool for better understanding the english language.

Verbs are one of the most difficult aspects of English, especially for language leaners. This tool is designed to find answers fast. Best if used during or after a course, training, or tutoring of the English language, even if being taught by friends or family. All content is in English. Every facet of verb use is covered including examples and tables. This 6 page laminated guide is handy enough to go anywhere as a cheat sheet reference for speaking English. As a new student of the language this is a must-have, as the learner progresses the guide offers quick access answers for practice until the guide becomes less and less necessary.

6 page laminated guide includes:

  • English Verbs
  • Past Tense of Regular Verbs
  • Informal/Slang Verb Forms
  • The Gerund
  • Verb Tenses
  • 100 Most Common Verbs
  • Conjugation of To Be, To Have & To Do
  • Used To
  • Verb Categories
  • Contractions
  • Conditional Sentences
  • Subjunctive
  • Expressing Preference
  • Polite Requests
  • Active & Passive Forms
  • Modals
  • Modal Summary
  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Wishes
  • Direct Speech & Reported Speech
  • Some Irregular Verbs