Petites Pièces de Théâtre

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Petites Pièces de Théâtre contains 45 short, simple and very funny French skits that are written for the enjoyment of beginning and intermediate French speakers of all ages.
Contents and Objectives: Petites Pièces de Théâtre examines fifteen content units that are universal to all beginning French curriculums. The units, which are referred to as 'Acts,' include:

1. Ça va? (introductions)
2. L'alphabet (the alphabet)
3. La salle de classe (the classroom)
4. Les numéros (numbers)
5. Les couleurs (colors)
6. Le corps humain (body parts)
7. "Avoir" idioms
8. Quel temps fait-il? (weather)
9. Les mois et les saisons (months, seasons)
10. La famille (family)
11. Les vêtements (clothing)
12. Les chambres et les meubles (rooms,
13. furniture)
14. Les fruits (fruits)
15. La cuisine (food)

Each 'Act' contains three skits. Skit A is the shortest and simplest. Skit B is often a bit longer and slightly more complex. Skit C is usually still somewhat longer, and tends to unite content objectives, vocabulary and structures within a more complex dialogue and/or plot. Each skit deals with totally new characters and a new situation. Most skits when performed are between three and six minutes long.